Several years ago when my father was retiring, he decided to invest in a company and what company that would be you ask? Oh just a flower wholesale company, a hard goods warehouse along with a few orchid farms. His been a tech guy his whole life, running several companies that have absolutely NOTHING, nada, zilch to do with anything flower related but after running the numbers he decided the flower industry was one to dive into and I mean, who doesn’t like flowers? Below is a shot I snapped of a bunch of individual arrangements snugged together that were to be picked up that afternoon for a wedding.

Absolutely divine arrangements… so vibrant and full of life.

Wrapping up my final semester at Rollin’s College in Winter Park, Florida I figured I could dabble in helping the family company with marketing ideas and get playful creative concepts going. Ever time I step foot in the warehouse, The Dixie Cups – Chapel of Love song starts dancing in my head.

 ♪goin’ to the chapel
and we’re gonna get married,
gee, I really love you
and we’re gonna get married,
goin’ to the chapel of love. ♫