Form, Fare and Functional Living

In my final semester of college, I feel compelled to express myself and my day dreaming dizzies to the blogging community. Living in such a technical world, from one to another – I hope you feel inspired by my images and writing as I am constantly inspired by those of you willing to express your thoughts as well.

Oh, Hello 😉

First things first…


The body is a beautiful thing – If taken care of. This is not a fitness-focused blog because a life highly focused on one aspect is not fulfilling. Life should involve a circle of interests so for some of my posts, fun fitness and the joys of endorphines will be included.


I love food, who doesn’t love food? Answer: those living in denial. Its important not to overindulge but heck it wont kill you. The healthier we eat, the better we feel but indulging is inevitable and something I highly encourage. Im no cook, but I do enjoy the Food network. Some posts of discovered yummy goodness will insue.


Upholstery, fabrics, and anything décor… Growing up in a house full of architutre magazines and going to interior decorator appointments with my mother has left an imprint on me. Its not so much the final product or the purchase acquired but the experience its self of driving by beautiful homes and playfully imagining the items you would like acquired in your dream home.


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